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RMIT Link offers programs in sport and recreation and arts and culture for all the RMIT community to participate in. We also run the City Fitness gym and the Campus Store.

What we do
  • Activities to help students connect with other students and settle in to university life during their time studying
  • A range of on campus activities throughout each semester to get active, have fun and learn new skills
  • Opportunities to extend skills through professional development, volunteering, or elite sport
  • Events in which students can showcase their talents, collaborate across disciplines, compete and perform
  • Sport clubs or Arts collectives to extend interests and connections outside their area of studies
  • Trips program to explore Melbourne and Victoria.
To find out more or join in see the RMIT Link website

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The RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) provides all RMIT students with fun events, representation and support. RUSU is the only 100 per cent independent body at RMIT, run FOR students BY students.  

RUSU is focused on advancing the rights, education, welfare, social life and cultural activities of students both on and off campus.Every week RUSU's purple colours will be out and about with free food and fun so make sure you check out our events.

RUSU provides RMIT students a range of diverse services including:
  • Free on campus activities and events (including weekly free food throughout the semester)
  • Off campus parties and social events
  • Support and funding for approximately 100 different Clubs & Societies
  • Safe spaces on campus (including a Women’s Lounge and Queer Lounge on each campus)
  • Student rights advocacy and support
  • Information, referrals and support for all students via the Compass Drop-in centre
  • Ethical free trade food at the Realfoods Café
  • Diverse volunteering opportunities (LEAD accredited)
  • Professional development and training opportunities
To find out more or join in see the RUSU website

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